ZCode, NBA, Golden State Warriors – Thunder get difficult first meeting in it with Durant!


ZCode, GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – OAKLAND, California — Kevin Durant elevated to destroy the rim and coasted past his defender with 2 brushing measures (ZCode, NBA). Durant stated some thing in the way of Westbrook.

It was the very first time they had talked since July 4 (ZCode, NBA).

Durant stated – “Trash talk is part of it (ZCode, NBA).”

The view of from Westbrook: “The Warriors were performing lots of trash talking,” he stated (ZCode, NBA).

They actually were not all that worried after the match, although the Thunder got operate (ZCode, NBA). “We’ll move on and prepare yourself for the following one”, Westbrook stated (ZCode, NBA). In fact, the Thunder are likely crying with happiness inside to start the first five matches at 4-1 (ZCode, NBA). They’d no real notion of what they certainly were heading to be entering the growing season and who these were (ZCode, NBA), and defeating against the Clippers was validation that is strong that their three matches against lesser opponents was not a mirage (ZCode, NBA). They have mustered around the fashion of Westbrook, but it could not last on the second nights a back to back against the Warriors that were powerful (ZCode, NBA).

ZCode, GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – Because there is not one to make this Thunder group is not about producing a declaration.


They’ren’t competing for a title this time (unless some rests actually go their way) (ZCode, NBA), as an alternative emphasizing re-calibrating, transitioning and adapting to publish-Durant lifestyle. Make no mistake: the Thunder and Westbrook (ZCode, NBA) needed to win against Durant. They likely are not winning the lengthy sport anyhow this season, although it would’ve been a sugary-sweet flavor to appreciate for a day or two (ZCode, NBA).

Behind 3-9 magnificent points from Durant, OKC overcome, as a 37-11 second-quarter blew the doors open (ZCode, NBA). There were some short fireworks, with Westbrook originating from behind to things Durant (ZCode, NBA), subsequently Durant returning the favor (with some aid from D Raymond Green) (ZCode, NBA).

ZCode, GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – Both groups were happy to proceed from this one.

The build-up tossing everyone was invested by them on it being one match, but the feelings and intensity were clear (ZCode, NBA). Warriors trainer Steve Kerr erupted in the opening minutes on the side-line, pursuing referee Brian Forte to midcourt. The gamers chirped and jawed for much of the 1st half (ZCode, NBA).

ZCode, GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – Westbrook specializes in subtlety that is intelligent, and right mocking Durant’s picture taking is not really his style (ZCode, NBA). But as frequently occurs in these kinds of games, the outcome did not match with the hoopla (ZCode, NBA). The sport itself was somewhat of a backcloth to the Westbrook Durant confrontation in how they socialized (ZCode, NBA). When the Thunder are there for pre-season matches, requesting a photographer if he could have it he got it (ZCode, NBA). It appeared there was a more profound significance, maybe in that one of Durant’s main hobbies is photography (ZCode, NBA). Westbrook denied it, stating, “I do not use something for no one. I use what I’d like to wear when I’d like to put it on (ZCode, NBA).”

ZCode, GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – Subversive trend picks the Thunder and Westbrook weathered a tough night, observing as Durant keyed the wave that set them away.

Enes Kanter chirped at Durant in the seat, but like the opportunities of the Thunder, it was useless (ZCode, NBA). As Durant coldly stated post game, “How several minutes did he perform?” (Three is the response (ZCode, NBA).)

But it was not comfortable even an hour or so before tip off when Durant ultimately appeared from your locker room to undergo his pre-game regimen (ZCode, NBA). On his facet of the ground, Durant was locked in with earbuds snugged in tight (ZCode, NBA). Some 80 feet away, the team mate he spent with than other people, Nick Collison, experienced his own more warmup (ZCode, NBA). Outside of an uneasy peek if another was searching to see, they never recognized each other (ZCode, NBA).

ZCode, GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – Now they’ve it to their rear. They performed against Durant, saw him observed him grin and fete, and then they left (ZCode, NBA). Durant three mo Re instances will be seen by them, but the -assembly questions are not under. They did not speak (ZCode, NBA). They did not shake fingers. They did not make up. Now it is on to the next one, as Westbrook mentioned (ZCode, NBA).

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